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There’s been a bunch of reading (as ever) out there about books, so thought I’d share some things from the past week!


  1. Costa Book Awards Shortlist announced

I’m a fan of the Costa Awards, which often favour more readable books than some other prizes.  I went to an event with Sarah Perry (nominated for The Essex Serpent) and Frances Hardinge (who won Children’s and overall book last year with The Lie Tree) at the Edinburgh book festival this year.  It was great to hear two interesting and enthusiastic writers chatting about strong Victorian women.  Am now bumping The Essex Serpent up to the top of my reading pile!  Actually already wanted to read all of the novel nominees…

  1. Books are my bag reader awards – winners announced 

The first year of this reader-nominated set of awards, which is a great idea in my opinion!  I love the idea of books, authors and designers winning based on their readership rather than a select panel of judges.  Also a fan of Grief is the Thing With Feathers and an even bigger fan of Reasons to Stay Alive 🙂  Maybe the happiest thing to come from these awards is that an essay collection ‘The Good Immigrant’ (written by BME contributors) was voted the nation’s favourite book.  AND it had sold out in my local Waterstones the next day.

  1. 100 Notable Books of 2016 – New York Times

We all love a good list, don’t we?  This one is chosen by the editors at the NYTimes Book Review.  50 fiction/poetry titles and 50 non-fiction titles.  I am a devoted listener to the their podcast, which you should definitely check out if only for the last 5 or 10 minutes when a few of the editors sit around talking about what they’re reading.

  1. Guardian best books

The Guardian also published a list of 100 best books of 2016 this year, part one and two.

Chosen by various authors, with understandably less focus on American writing and more on British/European writing than the NYTimes list.  I haven’t counted but seems there is a bigger proportion fiction than non.

  1. Modern feminism http://lithub.com/40-new-feminist-classics-you-should-read/#

Another list!  Came across this one on Twitter and it’s great.  I’ve been looking out for some modern feminist recommendations as it’s something I feel quite ignorant of.  The few titles I’ve read on here I’ve really enjoyed.  Any recommendations that aren’t on here?


What are some of your favourite books of 2016?  Any on these lists that have been real standouts for you?

Happy reading,



3 thoughts on “Literary Links

  1. Thanks for pulling this together! You’re so right – it has been a busy busy week in the world of books 😍 I have just bought Kate Tempest’s Let Them Eat Chaos after seeing her perform it on this island I went to earlier this year. Booked to go see her in a couple of weeks so I’m saving the Spotify playlist of it until after that. So glad to see it shortlisted for the Costa award!


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